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JEFC Melbourne

Fans of Johnny's Entertainment (Melbourne) or anywhere else =D

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Johnny's Entertainment (Japan) unofficial Fan Club (Melbourne)
jefc_melb is a sister comm to jefc_sg & jefc_syd , We are located in Melbourne, Victoria, Australia.
But members are not limited to just those living in this part of the world.
All are welcomed!
This is an UNOFFICAL FC(if you are wondering)

Created on 1st March 2008 by ryuenuriko because there are plenty of J.E. fans in Melbourne yet we go on with our lives not knowing or suffering the download limits and the high postage costs...

On the list of things to do

  • Introduction Post??

  • Make more friends in Melbourne and around AU & the World

  • Spazz over J.E. boys(men)

  • Meet-ups

  • Drama Exchange

  • Combined shipping when new items are released

  • Learning more about Melbourne,Australia

  • etc..

Rules | Sister sites: jefc_sg jefc_syd

Special Thanks to:
e7erlasting for doing the interests on the profile