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Hey all. First off, i want to apologise for all those garage sale posts i made in the community a while back. To the girlies that attended and bought some stuff, THANK YOU!

I just wanted to post one last time to mention that everything listed at my community, omgshinystuff is either going to be thrown away/sent to the Salvos.
This includes magazines, Photobooks, cds, dvds, EVERYTHING.

This is the last chance to grab anything listed. Disregard all the prices. Name an offer and i'll consider. Melbourne buyers are welcome to come and pick up anything, but interstate and international buyers will still have to pay postage. I'll also be giving freebies to those who purchase 5+ items, so make the most of it.

LAST DATE TO PURCHASE ANYTHING IS 12th of December 2009. After that, i'll give everything to the Salvos and shut my community down.

I don't care for any of it. Some of my JE stuff harks back from the days when NEWS were still 8 members and KATTUN were just starting out. I've held onto all my JPOP mags for far too long and i'd much rather they go to people who want them than just give them to the Salvos, but if nobody makes a claim, then yeah, that's where they'll end up.

Once again, no offer is ridiculous, so please check the community out and see if there's anything you'd like.

- omgshinystuff


Lunch Meet-up

okies people
after much discussion the date and time is set

7th July(Mon) at 12pm below Kanga Kanga
and We'll walk there.

we are eating at Yamato Japanese Restaurant
I'd advise you to bring about $20 for basic? (food isnt expensive though)
average is $11-12 for a bento

if you aren't coming but wanna know where the place is the information is posted on

my mobile is
04 1111 5648(Optus)
pls call this first coz I love hearing KAT-TUN ring and the other mobile is silent
04 2087 9687(Voda)

if u dont know my real name u can call me by my screen name from N onwards

erm if you are gonna come could ya either SMS me or comment here coz if theres quite a number then maybe I'll wanna give them a heads up on the table but for now its only me and another girl

Drama Exchange is DEFINITELY possible~
I have Zettai Kareshi almost finishing

*note to non-members*
you will have to join to see other posts because not everyone wants to let the whole world know they live in Melb or any part of AU


[Mod Post] Hii

Hi Everybody


This comm is a sister comm to the following
jefc_sg & jefc_syd
created on 1st March 2008

jefc abbreviated from Johnny's Ent FanClub (Melbourne)
disclaimer: this is not an offical FC

Im your mod~
any post after this will usually be locked unless the mods see fit to unlock it
(its already configured in the settings but if alot of members wish this site to be unlocked WE ARE VERY DEMOCRATIC lolz)
pls voice ur options on this post as well~
I need some people to help me out with

Graphics for LJ banners
most imptly MODS!!

for this new comm
Let me know and I will give status to change the comm's outlook
basic criteria though is to be online at least 3 times a week

for me im online 24/7 unless theres some crazy damned Uni Assignment due the following day


Please comment here for any queries or comments



ok... first thing's up..
There is a meet up soon.. in Melb
Hope some of you will turn up~
Brooke & her friend Rebecca will be planning this...
so head over to her LJ for more info~~
19 Apr outside Animania then off to Kanga Kanga then Purikura/Karaoke?

its another round of spending by fangirls.. thanks to J.E. again..
wondering if anybody is interested in combi order for the next wave of singles/dvds/albums we will save more on shipping that way~~

j_halo7 who is living in perth wants to sell one of her NewS 08 09 Calendar coz she found out she has 2 copies..
selling it for 30AUD(w/o post) i believe but its best to check out her LJ to see what prices and offers shes setting up
(im not resposible for anything =D)
well its a bargain considering that I got mine at 41AUD & Kanga is selling at 45AUD & YesAsia is going at it for $48-49AUD

Either way~ Alot of us haven't gotten around to doing up this comm~~ but hey its kinda dead so I believe I should promote it soon? like tomorrow or something

Happy Sch Hols~


Rules are simple and are the almost the same as jefc_syd

  1. RESPECT every person in the group. Flaming is not tolerated in any form. Neither are hate-memes. If you have any issues, please contact the mods.

  2. INTRODUCTIONS are encouraged (WITH YOUR NAMES PLEASE!!!) since we are a group set to foster friendships between fans, we need to know who you are. Name; Age; when you were interested in JE; other fandoms and other information that you think will help you make friends.

  3. TAGS are not compulsory. The mods will take care of that for you, unless you want to tag yourself. Please follow the format provided.

  4. CUTS are a MUST for more than one image that is more than 300x250 pixels in width and height. PROPER GRAMMAR is required.
    We do not want to read posts that look [LiKe ThIs] or [lyk dis]. Any posts that do not follow will be deleted promptly by the mods.
    TITLES following the format provided--- such as: [INTRODUCTION];[SALES POST];[QUERY];[DISCUSSION];[MEET-UP]--- are required.
    NO JAPANESE TEXT unless you provide the romaji or the translation, because not all fans could read kana or kanji.

  5. RANTS that do not relate to JE or Melbourne are not allowed. They will also be deleted promptly.

  6. SALES POSTS and CROSS-POSTING are permitted. Please label appropriately.

Any other queries could be given to the mods. Please have fun!


Hi Everybody


This comm is a sister comm to the following
jefc_sg & jefc_syd
created 1st March 2008

jefc abbreviated from Johnny's Ent FanClub (Melbourne)
disclaimer:this is not an offical FC~~

Im your mod~
I need a few more people to help me out with

most imptly MODS!!
Graphics for LJ banners

for this new comm
Let me know and I will give status to change the comm's outlook




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